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i want a daily stretching exercise not yoga or pilates that will get me higher kicks?

and i need you to explain me how to do it and in how much time will my kick become higher? 1. Karate Lunge Stretch Using a wide stance, bend your left leg and extend your right leg, resting on … Continue reading

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home remedies to lose weight? exercise routines?

yea, im vegetarian… YOGA Weight Loss Exercise The first thing I’ve done is started buying low fat and low sodium type things like salad dressing, butter, mayo-mainly things that add the most weight. Then try some portion control…I think the … Continue reading

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Can’t figure out how to see the yoga exercise on the TV when pose has you upside down?

Has anyone figured out a way to see the TV screen while actually doing a yoga practice? Most exercise tapes, Wii etc, have you facing the TV so you can see what is going on. Is there some way to … Continue reading

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