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Yoga Poses for Fibromyalgia Patients : Exercise tips for Fibromyalgia Patients

Other exercises for fibromyalgia patients. Learn exercise tips to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia in this free medical treatment video from a professional yoga instructor. Expert: Philene Trevathan Bio: Philene Trevathan is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has … Continue reading

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Kashi Ashram: Bryan Kest Power Yoga class, 3 of 4

Bryan Kest adds breath to the Power Yoga practice at Kashi School of Yoga, 11.25.08 Duration : 0:5:39 Technorati Tags: Bryan Kest, Kashi School of yoga, power yoga, pranayama yoga

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Yoga Poses & Equipment : Hugger Mugger Yoga Mats

Hugger Mugger yoga mats come in a variety of colors and absorb sweat. Examine the benefits of Hugger Mugger yoga mats with expert tips from a yoga instructor in this free fitness video. Expert: Ashley Ludman Contact: Bio: Ashley … Continue reading

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How to Use an Exercise Ball : Situps with an Exercise Ball

Demonstrating situps with exercise balls. Learn how to train and exercise with a stability ball in this free video on fitness and health. Expert: Carole Childers Bio: Carole Childers has been a physical fitness trainer for more than 23 years. … Continue reading

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Beginner Pilates Exercises : Pilates Exercises: Double-Leg Stretch

For the double-leg stretch Pilates exercise, be sure to protect the neck and engage the core. Learn to do the double-leg stretch Pilates exercise with tips from a fitness trainer in this free exercise video. Expert: Carol Ann Contact: … Continue reading

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Prenatal Yoga Pregnancy Exercise #1

Follow Emily Canibano, an ERYT, GFI and Personal Trainer in this Prenatal Flow Yoga Sequence. For more information on Yoga in Illinois, hiring Emily, post-partum recovery and more visit Duration : 0:10:3 Technorati Tags: chicago, fitness, flow, hatha, Illinois, … Continue reading

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What are some good lower body (hips, butt, thighs) exercises?

I need some really good butt and lower body exercises- I have a flat rear and wide hips, which makes it very difficult to find jeans that really fit me well. I just really need to tone my hip, butt, … Continue reading

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Help with Dance Studio/Gym equipment?

My sister and I are changing our basement into a dance studio because we have been dancing for 8 years but we wanna get serious and become really good. We need ideas on what to buy, including mirrors for the … Continue reading

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Where can I get exercise dvd (yoga, pilates, etc) in Singapore??

I’m going to Singapore and looking for exercises DVD (such as yoga, pilates) which is usually imported from US. Anyone knows where i can get it?? Thanks a lot. you’re stupid

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Yoga Poses for Energy : Yoga Warrior Two Pose for Energy

Warrior two pose in yoga is great for leg strength and energy. Learn how to do the warrior two yoga pose with tips from a yoga instructor in this free yoga video. Expert: Elizabeth Rose Bio: Elizabeth Rose is a … Continue reading

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