Shilpa`s Yoga (English) – Bhujangasana The Cobra Pose Two Variations

0 Shilpa`s Yoga (English)   Bhujangasana The Cobra Pose Two VariationsThis Is The Relaxation Pose For All Exercises Performed On The Stomach. Lie Prone On The Floor Spread Your Legs Wide With The Toes Pointing Outwards And The Heels Pointing Inwards To Touch The Ground. Bend Your Right Elbow And Place Your Right Palm In The Crook Of Your Left Arm. In The Same Way The Left Palm Goes To The Crook Of The Right Arm. Place Your Forehead On Your Arms Providing Support For The Neck. Relaxation In This Pose Is Good For Stress-Induced Diseases Above And Beyond The Neutral State Of Rest This Asana Provides For All Prone Asanas.Http://

Duration : 0:1:30

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8 Responses to Shilpa`s Yoga (English) – Bhujangasana The Cobra Pose Two Variations

  1. HeIsVikashPandey says:


  2. ajaykumarsingh123 says:



  3. satanicchum says:

    Cool story bro.
    Cool story bro.

  4. sunny80211 says:

    she is hoooot
    she is hoooot

  5. guyzsuperbad says:

    real pics in …
    real pics in seaxcpics.blogspot(dot)com

  6. inteltavangar says:

    I m member and …
    I m member and regular at ASGH, Texas…..we had Swami Sampoornanand here in June 2010….I got his program on vdo…will publish soon…it was kind of lectorial about importance of Yoga in our life….Is miss Shilpa Shetty going to promote this thru organizations like Arya Samaj….? They got huge following and audience…may be she can be part of some festive holiday at one of the local Arya Samaj and it may boost the practice/business. Just a thought..

  7. ewsaanikmaw says:

    Try Russian women …
    Try Russian women

  8. ashish3330 says:

    beautiful yogini, …
    beautiful yogini, thanks for showing the right to do bhujanasana

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